VILIM ball is a handheld therapeutic device whose purpose is to temporarily reduce hand tremor, giving Essential tremor (and Parkinson’s Disease) patients a relief from the symptoms for the time they need to perform ordinary-life tasks. 90 % of those who tested VILIM ball, reported it as effective. The device’s working principles are based on vibration therapy. We gathered evidence of the fact that that 10 minutes of therapy can reduce hand tremor for a period up to 4 hours.

Usage recommendations 

For a better life quality, use VILIM ball device before the every action you want to make it easier: eating, writing, etc. It helps to reduce hand tremor for a certain time period which is individual for every person. The effect could last from 1 minute to 4 hours and could not be predicted before usage. Because it depends on individual person.

VILIM ball is rechargeable by using a standard smartphone charger with microUSB connector. The fully charged device could work about 2 hours.

It should be considered that vibration therapy is part of a treatments that reduce hand tremor.

Vilim Ball international patent publication number: WO 2019/207469 A1


The invention relates to a medical device that may be used to improve blood circulation, reduce hand shaking caused by essential tremor, Parkinson’s disease or another illness or numbness caused by rheumatoid or neurological disorders in patients with circulatory disorders. The aim is achieved by using the vibration source system, which repeats pre-defined vibration characteristics that may be corrected according to the data provided by an additional component of modules and the feedback introduced by the user, thus adjusting to individual patients’ physical condition in order to achieve therapy that is most effective.