Can ViLim Ball be effective for me?

The most who tested felt positive effect but for somebody it helps more – for others less. That’s why we offer a 14 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied about the device, you can send it back and we will return the money you have paid.


How long the effect lasts?

It depends on every of you. We saw that the effect could last from a few minutes till four hours.


How many times per day ViLim ball can be used?

The device could be used for no longer than 30 minutes per day for each hand. Recommended duration of therapy – 10 minutes.


When to use ViLim ball? 

For essential tremor or Parkinson’s we recommend to use it before the action you want smaller tremor – eating, writing, etc. For rheumatoid arthritis – immediately after you wake up.


How to charge ViLim ball?

It can be charged by using a standard microUSB charger (included in the package) by connecting it via PC or power socket. 


Any side effects?

No side effects have been determined.