Reduction of Rheumatoid arthritis morning stiffness

The results below are given form the ongoing research at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinics with ViLim Ball device.

11 patients were investigated (10 females, 1 male) with diagnosed Rheumatoid arthritis and morning stiffness. 10 of 11 felt lower stiffness after the 10 minutes of the therapy with ViLim Ball device. The therapy was conducted in the morning from 7:30 till 8:30 AM when the stiffness is the highest.

The average feeling of morning stiffness was reduced by 2 marks of VAS scale. The stiffness was evaluated before and after the therapy.

Wrist joint flexibility increased at least by 20 % after the therapy. The highest increase was 50 %. Wrist flexibility was measured by turning it to the left, right, up and down.

Hand strenght increased for 9 of 11 patients. The highest increase was by 40 %. It was measured with dinamometer before and after the therapy.

The patients were asked to evaluate the therapy by selecting one of four option: 1. Stiffness did not change; 2. Stiffness slightly decreased; 3. Stiffness significantly decreased; 4. Stiffness disappear. 5 patients selected third option (Stiffness significantly decreased), the other 5 selected second option (Stiffness slightly decreased) and only one selected the first one.  We continue this research and the results will be published in scientific journal.

These results shows that the ViLim ball device could be effective mean for reduction of morning stiffness. The “light hand” feeling right after the therapy remain all day for most of patients.

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